About us

Krunchy Grainola Sweet is a family run business based in the beautiful rural Wollondilly area of New South Wales. Our aim is to produce delicious and interesting flavours of grainola from the highest quality ingredients. Our Grainola is lovingly handcrafted in small batches to ensure we provide our customers with a healthy, tasty product they can enjoy each and every day.  


Our top sellers


Why so blue?

One of our simple and tasty signature blends packed full of blueberries, vanilla, almonds and coconut.

Thank You Ing.jpg

"Thank you"

Another signature blend and a true Aussie legend. Inspired by the humble Anzac bikkie, this grainola is our nod to our veterans.

Alpine Berry Ing.jpg

Alpine Berry

Our most popular blend and for a good reason. Your tastebuds will be transported to the snow-capped Swiss Alps.